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5 Self-defense gadgets and why they are effective

Whether you have faced a situation where you needed to use some sort of self-defense, or you haven’t, it is good to be prepared. There has been a recent increase in crime rates in Los Angeles this year. Everyone should have one form of a self-defense gadget if they have not taken a class for self-defense for emergencies. It is the easiest option to purchase a gadget that will keep you safe in case you ever come across a situation where you need it for yourself or to help someone else. I will be listing some top options to purchase that can likely be found at a store near you.

1 Pepper spray

Pepper spray is one of the most used items for self-defense. They are easy to carry on a keychain, or simply in a purse because they are usually compact. I’ve had a pepper spray for a while and have not had to use it, but I feel a lot safer with it. There are original-sized ones that are most common at 2 ounces and have 10-12 sprays in them. There are also smaller options that are 0.4 ounces and around six sprays. The smaller one might be a better option so you can carry it easier on a keychain and also catch the person you are using it on by surprise.

I think everyone should have pepper spray in case of an emergency because it is the easiest thing to carry and is affordable. It is a great option because even if you lose it, or get it taken away at a theme park it does not cost much to buy. They usually expire around four years after purchase so you only have to replace them before four years so they last a long time. There are plenty of affordable options, especially considering how long they last. They are usually priced around ten dollars.

2 Flashlight

A flashlight has dual-use other than what it was intended for. It can be used to see your way when walking in the dark to make sure you don’t have an unpleasant encounter. They can also be used directly as self-defense because they are often heavy because of the metal so can be used as a weapon. In case of a situation where someone is kidnapped, they can also use it to break a window instead of also buying a window breaker/escape tool. This has multiple uses and would be an excellent addition for many situations. It is also helpful when in nature or case of a power outage so everyone should consider having one with them in a car, purse, and house. Flashlights can be found at many stores and also have affordable options.

3 Pocket knife

An option that has been around for a long time is pocket knives, which also have multiple benefits. They can be used for regular use like when you need scissors along with self-defense. These can also be used to break a window or to just threaten someone who is trying to hurt you. There are very unique variations of pocket knives some come in different shapes and looks to keep them hidden.

4 Personal alarms

Personal alarms are a great option because they do not harm the person, only detours them. The alarm will be loud enough to get them away from you and to get the attention of standbys who can help you. The sound will surely startle the person and make them run away for the fear of getting caught. The prices for these vary anything from $9- $40. Some have an additional led light or flashing light that can also help in a situation.

5 Taser or stun gun

Tasers and Stun guns are pretty similar as they both use electrical currents to shock the person it is being used on. Tasers are the name heard most commonly but Stun guns are what most people have. Here are the differences:

A taser can be used at a distance because it launches around 15 ft. It is beneficial to use because you can be at a safe distance from the person. However, they are not legal in all states, but for the most part, can be used with a license.

There are also stun guns that have restrictions in some states but are also legal in most. Stun guns do not shoot out so they have to be used close up but they are more commonly owned than tasers. Stun guns are available in different sizes and there are even some that can be put on a keychain which can also fit in almost any purse. They do not cause permanent damage so are safe, but they are painful and temporarily immobilize the person so they are highly effective. They tend to be more expensive than the other gadgets, and the stun gun is more affordable than a taser.

These are all practical because they are not too large and are easy to use with little instruction and for the most part compact and easily portable. You may not encounter a threatening situation where you will need to use them but it is always good to be prepared for any situation. Be sure to be extra cautious with these gadgets if you do decide to purchase them.

There are other ways to feel safe like taking self-defense classes or for more protection check out Security Guard Services Woodland Hills, Ca, or research more in your area. It is important to make sure everyone feels safe so if you have a business or an event you should consider hiring private security. Other than that, these gadgets are great purchases to consider even if you think you won’t use them, keep yourself and others safe by being prepared for any situation!

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