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5 Reasons To Have Security At Your Next Big Event

Are you an event organizer or someone on a team that supports putting on events? Are you looking for a reliable security guard service in Los Angeles city? It can be a lot of stress to try and organize everything about the event while also trying to figure out how you will implement the safety aspect of your event. There is so much to handle as an event organizer, and most times, there isn’t enough time to do it all. Security might be at the bottom of the list with all of the other worries such as venue, permits, tickets, performers, etc. You might question if you even need security if it is worth the cost?

The answer is plain and simple: Yes! Security is needed at your event, and here are seven reasons why you need to have safety at your next big event:

Security Required By The Venue

Depending on what type of event and where you have chosen for your venue, you may be required to show that you have the service of professional security guards before finally booking the venue. Sometimes venue owners need to know that they prioritize their guests’ security and their platform by hiring security, as they don’t want to risk any liability or property damage. Another factor that comes into play is the size of your crowd. Depending on the size of the public, local police departments might require you to hire security as well. If there are any high-profile guests, you may even need official police officers as well to help keep the peace and to protect your high-profile guests.

Focus Can Be Elsewhere

Events are hectic! That is a fact. Planning, managing, and closing a successful event is a lot of stress, and your brain can feel everywhere at once. Your staff might be pulling you in every direction, and there is a lot of running back and forth. By deciding to take on security on your own, there is a much bigger chance to look over essential tasks and roles of security. Hiring a security team allows you to leave it up to trained professionals and be entirely focused on the flow and success of the event.


What might happen if your guests start to feel unsafe or need help at some point during the event? Especially if your event is significant, in-house staff can be easily overwhelmed by large crowds of people feeling unsafe or asking for help. This is, unfortunately, a recipe for failure. Security officers do this daily and are trained for these situations. Especially when they are in uniform, they are easily recognizable!


Events are held for people to have fun. People can enjoy their experience, listen to music, network, eat good food, etc. The last thing on their mind is the chance of being unsafe. Guests do not want to spend their precious time worrying about what could go wrong. Security guards can give the guests and even staff a sense of safety. Security guards assure that they are safe throughout the event. Having uniformed security guards can deter criminals from causing trouble at your event. Security guards are trained to spot this type of behavior ahead of time. 

Professional Look

 As a potential guest for an event, you are looking for some sense of professionality when purchasing a ticket. You want the perception of your event to come off as professional and well put together. There is no better way to show professionalism than having organized security guards. Security guards/officers at the entrance of your event set the tone and give a sense of professionalism and a well-executed, safe event. 

Crowd Management

Depending on the size of the event, the crowd can quickly become chaotic without proper organization and control. Security guards at the entrances and exits can help create order and ensure that everyone stays safe. Security guards can be given tasks such as scanning tickets, ensuring lines move smoothly, and security checks. Security guards can also help with emergencies such as fire accidents, overcharged crowds, damage, and even possible suspected terrorism. 

Training and Experience 

The most significant difference between in-house security and hired security is that hired security is trained for this job. The security guards are professionals who know what to look for to ensure event safety. They are trained in emergencies, drugs, first aid, threat, crowd control, and many other things. They are trained to control these situations safely for everyone involved. Your event isn’t their first rodeo. They are here to make sure it runs smoothly and safely!

Your event success is critical to you and your hired security team. You may be questioning if you need security or not, but think again! It should be definite. If hiring a realizable security guard service in Los Angeles city is next on your list, American Secure Company is here to help with our professional, trained team of security guards and officers. Please visit our website today to see how our services can best serve you!

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