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8 essential Skills Your Security Guard Should Possess

Being a security guard is a significant job for many reasons. Not just anyone can be a security guard, as it is essential to ensure safety in many instances like events, apartments, businesses, and more. Hiring a security team or security guard can prevent many crimes and help people feel safe. That being said, I will share some of the many skills a security guard should have and why they are important.

1 Communication skills

One reason they have to have good communication skills is to be able to ease the conflict if someone is breaking a rule or causing a disturbance in the space they are working. They need to be able to communicate with them in the best way possible to stop them from what they are doing without allowing anything to go wrong in the process. Along with urgent situations like those, they also need communication skills to go about their daily assignments like talking with whoever is assigning them to their role, and people they come across while working. They also may need written communication skills for preparing notes or writing police statements when needed.

2 Interpersonal skills

This goes along with communication skills as it is how a person interacts with others effectively with the right tactic. They must be able to work well with the other security guards and other workers. They must also have the right tactic to approach a person breaking the rules without angering them, or causing a scene that can interrupt the event or other customers and cause worry. They must approach with the right attitude they see fit depending on the details they witness. In a negative situation, they must also listen to the person and not jump to conclusions sometimes to avoid a situation being worsened or catching the wrong person.

3 Attention to detail

Security guards need to have this skill to keep up with their task details and pay close attention to their surroundings. They have to be alert to make sure the rules they were given are not broken by visitors. They also have to be cautious about certain items, places, or people to not be disturbed according to the tasks they were given. It is important for security guards to pay close attention to details to avoid any negative situation. The attention to detail could come in handy to be able to point out a person in the crowd who did something wrong.

4 Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking skills are important to be cautious about what’s happening and quickly decide how to assess the situation. They must analyze the situation at hand, for example, if someone violates a serious rule they must choose the right way to go about it depending on whether the person is armed or seems to pose a bigger threat. This skill will also help them learn from a situation to be even more prepared the next time with new tasks or locations to implement. They must use facts not emotions when deciding their action in a situation to avoid risking anything.

5 Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are important to know how to react to a situation. For example, if a customer needs help with a situation, they should come up with an effective resolution. This allows them to act faster which is essential in most situations security guards come across. There may be larger problems like a missing person or a violator runaway where they must problem-solve to locate them easier and make sure they don’t leave unnoticed.

6 Customer service

A security guard has to have good customer service because they are working around people their whole workday usually. Depending on their assigned role, they may have more instances where they have to communicate with customers like an event where they are checking every person who comes in or goes out. They must make the person feel secure and comfortable when they are going through the security checks. They can also be tasked with telling customers which direction to go and what to do when they are the first person who comes in contact with the customers.

7 Physical fitness

A security guard should also be able to carry a significant weight depending on their role. There may be equipment that has to be loaded like the ones needed for security check-in. Another instance where they may need to lift is when a customer/visitor is not cooperating with them. If the person who broke a rule or committed a crime they may run and the security guard must be able to stop them from leaving. They also must be able to stand for long periods of time as most of their tasks are done standing. Standing ensures they are able to see everyone and are able to run quickly if something occurs.

8 Teamwork

For large events Security guards must work with other teammates, so they must be team players to work together to ensure safety. There may be an instance where one needs backup help with someone who is not cooperating. They must make sure everyone is safe and the other security guards are all right.

security officer needs all these qualities and more because they typically manage the security guards and have more responsibilities. They must have experience, and management skills to make sure all tasks run smoothly before, during, and after. If you are thinking of hiring security guards for your business or event these are many of the reasons it would be beneficial. All security guards go through extensive training to be prepared for any situation they encounter while working. These skills are some of the many reasons hiring a security guard would be an asset to your store, event, or any other instance you see fit.

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